I Like The New Facebook Layout

I think I’m one of very few people who liked the new facebook layout right off the bat.  And here’s why…

  1. It’s wider.  They made it wider and now there’s more information on my home page, more useful information.
  2. The filters on the right hand side are actually useful now.  You can quickly filter by your own personal user lists or networks, or even applications that generated the feed items.
  3. The ‘Highlights’ section makes the whole right hand side more useful instead of being 4 horrible pointless ads and a couple of notices.

There are a few things that I don’t like.  When you have new invites, they seem to have just been shoved up above the ‘what’s on your mind’ box.  But that’s really the only thing I can complain about.

I think the biggest issue with the whole thing is that it shows how much users hate change.  The biggest functional change being the “status” box turning into a “what’s on your mind” box.  A general all-purpose sharing tool that at first seems much like twitter, but really resembles what was once on Pownce (a site that just recently shut down after being sold to Six Apart.)  I’m pretty sure in a couple of months people will have dealt with their panic attacks and won’t really care that Facebook changed.

I personally live by “adapt or die” and that helps a lot when things change from under my feet. And with that, the changes are about as painful as a soft summer breeze.

By Darryl Clarke

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