Summer Project Details

As part of my previous post, “things to do this summer,” I’ve decided on a not so clever appraoch to proving to myself that “it’s just a language.”

What do I mean by, “it’s just a language?”  Well, let me tell you. On a regular basis I get asked “do you now [language]?” And my answer is usually something along the lines of “Well, I know of it, I’ve touched it a bit, but never done anything real with it.”  But, since I’m a programmer I usually follow it with “It’s just a language.”  So now I’m going to prove to myself that it is in fact “just a language.”

In order to do this I’m going to do one project a few different times.  This project will be a simple web application that doesn’t do anything much – possibly something simple like a gallery or basic forums.

I’ll break down the project into components and then follow the following paths to complete it.

Path 1: Python, Django, Apache, PostgreSQL

Path 2: Ruby, Ruby on Rails, Apache, PostgreSQL

Path 3: Java, JSP, Apache (tomcat), PostgreSQL

Path 4: PHP, Zend Framework, Apache, PostgreSQL

Bonus: Perl, Apache (cgi), PostgreSQL

They will all use a common source of data, all stored in a single PostgreSQL database. After those are completed I will then venture on into the mobile platforms mentioned.  Since the mobile platforms are a bit different as to what I can do the end result may vary.  Hopefully the mobile interfaces will interact directly as if they were the same as the web site interfaces.

I plan on starting after my trip to Vancouver – early June.

Here’s lookin’ at my insanity.

By Darryl Clarke

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