Summer Project: Initial Setup and more Details

I’m still chugging along with the common elements on the project.

So, for the basics of what I have decided to do: Yep, it’s an image gallery.  It’s not too exciting and definitely nothing original.  There’ll be a basic authentication system (login/logout) with web based uploading and tagging.  That’s pretty much it.  The images that get uploaded will be stored in the database itself as a nice central location for all my different variants to get the data from.

As far as the initial setup goes, I’ve managed to get PostgreSQL installed, running, and I’ve even created the necessary tables for all that I need.  Yeah, that part was pretty simple.  But I can’t say it happened without learning something.  I’ve noticed that something I took for granted with MySQL wasn’t available right away for my installation of PostgreSQL.

Yep, lots of functions.  As I previously explained about how expandable PostgreSQL is, well, it also starts out very simplistic.  I needed some encryption functions to be able to store users passwords in my database – and these functions weren’t available.  As PostgreSQL requires you to define functions on a per-database basis, I had to import a few little things (pgcrypto.sql from the distribution files) and voila, it all worked.  Part of this is an annoyance, but part of it makes sense.  I mean, there’s no point in declaring 500 functions if you’re only going to use 3. Right? Right.

Any way, I’m almost ready to jump on the first path. Python, Django here I come.

By Darryl Clarke

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