Summer Project: Updates (Aka WTF Am I Doing?)

My ‘summer project‘ has now been demoted to just a ‘random project.’  Although I still intend on finishing it at some point, it’s clearly become far too delayed to call it a summer project anymore. I got overly distracted throughout the summer by family, fun, non-fun, and other projects.  Projects that I’ll explain a bit here…

Social Gamer:  A small site that allows you to rate and review games that you play online.  Right now it’s focusing on Facebook Games but will expand to include Wii, DS, Xbox360, PSP, and PS3 games.  But for now, It’s still getting the infrastructure put behind it.  You can play around with it right now if you want and feel free to share it with your friends. This project is getting most of my attention right now.

Refill Revolution:  A start up in sunny California dedicated to promoting the use of refillable bottles. The site is in the first phase and running in a closed on-campus beta test at Berkely.  That’s all I can really say for now on this one.

Moments Like Today:  A collaborative effort between myself and Margaret.  There’s a facebook group, vimeo group and flickr group.  So far there are about a hundred contributors to the project and once it’s up and running on the main website there’ll be a nice little interface for you to browse peoples ‘moments.’

Triviosity!: A simple, quick online game of trivia.  It’s in the early stages still so I won’t link to it.  But it’s going to start on as a facebook app, but also be functional outside of facebook.

And now you know why my summer project got delayed. And now you know what the frack I’ve been doing.

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