Random Antenna Upgrades

I was updating my OTA channel list after I bought a new antenna when I realized that it’s actually kind of difficult to go out and get a decent antenna, unless you really know what you’re looking for.  And quite frankly, I have no idea what I’m looking for.  Most people will go to walmart or futureshop and just get the “hd tv” antenna that they see.  Which is effectively a piece of crap.  I did that when I first moved to Toronto and the $30 I spent at walmart worked for about 5 channels.  Then I moved to a taller building and that same antenna only got about 4 channels.  That made no sense to me, but it was cheap.   After a short little experiment with some coat hangers and a piece of wood out on my balcony, I quickly realized that almost anything is better than what those retail stores sell.   This weekend I went out and got a real antenna – but even after that I realized I should’ve forked over the extra $5 for the adjustable one.  But things are good. Now all my channels come in great, with a few minor exceptions.  My coat hanger served me well, but this minor upgraded gives me just a few more channels — and more reliable signals for the ones that were iffy before.

Published by Darryl Clarke

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