Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-09-30

  • There should be a law against naming your kid an adverb. #
  • Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-09-23 #blog #
  • current youtube formula for success: girl + hoola hoop™ + shitty pop music – most clothing = 100k views guaranteed. #
  • Oh, hey Flash Builder. *blaaarf* Oops, sorry. It's what you do to me. #
  • When you've got nothing else to lose; except the rest of your devs because you just made them throw up… #RIM #
  • I despise Google doc's hijacking of command-h, stopping me from quickly hiding browser…. #
  • I am sitting at a bar beside a racist and sexist asshole. I didn't think they existed in this caliber. Amazingly pathetic. #
  • "Are you doing the gog nam dance over there?" Wow. #
  • There's no room for a belligerent asshole at a bar that I sit at. He got kicked out. I win. #
  • Inappropriate things to yell at drivers: " I love your CAR! Can I hug it?" #
  • Inappropriate things to say to cyclists: "ow! My penis!" #
  • The newest version of twitter on the iPad sucks ass. #
  • All the technology in the world can't replace paper feedback cards. #screens12 #fitc 🙂 #
  • I'm not really sure why bixi's website isn't mobile friendly. #
  • @erinbury they're undergoing "renovations" but typically that doesn't start with a loss of payment services. I think they've sunk for real. in reply to erinbury #
  • @ammiep you see my mom on the jumbo tron? 🙂 in reply to ammiep #
  • Got on the jumbotron for the first time ever and the bluejays kicked ass. that's a good night. #
  • A presentation where the guy reads his slides to you is never captivating. #
  • It's Friday September 28, 2012 at 04:00PM … it must be Beer o'Clock! #
  • Let's go Hockey! (@ Sleeman Centre) #
  • Unless there's a miracle triple play… let's go bluejays! #
  • Happy October! #blackcreek #beer #
  • Fine. @ The Homestead #

By Darryl Clarke

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