Installing PHP Java Bridge on Ubuntu

Source Install First, make sure all php packages are updated — if you update PHP after installing this, it will likely segfault. For the purpose of this, I’m using Ubuntu 7.10, and Java 6 (sun-java6) First, get the build essential, as well as php5-dev, sun java and automake # apt-get install build-essential php5-dev sun-java6-jre \ […]

Installing Leopard on HFS+, Journalled, Case Sensitive

I’m a big geek, and I love case sensitive file systems. It means a file LikeThis.txt is not the same as a file likethis.txt and that really helps with consistency in a developers world. Oops! What a horrible Idea. Well, not really – There’s only one thing wrong. As it turns out 3rd party applications […]

“Yes, There IS A Better Search Engine” – 10 Years Ago!

In an age where was new, and the Netscape and Yahoo Portals ruled the Web, one start-up company “with the unlikely name of” is showing the way. in December of 1998 produced one of the first ever reviews or for that fact, mentions of still around on the internet today. Some […]