“Yes, There IS A Better Search Engine” – 10 Years Ago!

In an age where was new, and the Netscape and Yahoo Portals ruled the Web, one start-up company “with the unlikely name of” is showing the way. in December of 1998 produced one of the first ever reviews or for that fact, mentions of still around on the internet today.

Some interesting shit about google, i guess.. and I’m just testing the digg to my blog feature. 😛

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Lots of my content is making its way in.. not like it’s really good content, but whatever. 😉

A lot of links on my content pages may be broken, feel free to comment if you see something that is in such a state. I’m sweeping up as fast as I can. Go team.

I’ve found a theme that I kinda like.. although I’ll probably have to fix up a few things that bug me.. but hey, they’re never perfect… right?


A random first post.

Look, a first post!

I’m migrating my content and stuff from CMS Made Simple over to WordPress. I guess that’s all I have to report.