Tell Your Redirector How to Do It’s Job

There’s a big difference between a redirect that uses a 301 and a 302 code on a website. If you don’t know the difference, you should find out. 301 says “This stuff has moved permanently and you shouldn’t come here anymore.” 302 says “You just need to go here, but this place will still answer […]

The Quickest Way To Tweet via Zend Framework’s Twitter Service

This is a quick and dirty method.  It assumes a couple of things. You’ve already created your ‘app’ on twitter. You’ve already gotten your personal OAuth tokens from twitter. First you need to setup your tokens; $token = new Zend_Oauth_Token_Access(); $token->setToken(“YOUR_PERSONAL_TOKEN”)       ->setTokenSecret(“YOUR_PERSONAL_SECRET”); Second, you need to setup the Zend_Service_Twitter using your access token as […]

The Hangman! Rewrite

I recently rewrote Hangman! (and also renamed it)  For those who don’t know, Hangman! was my first Facebook app.  I wrote it originally in June of 2007 and it silently lived on Facebook, deep deep within the depths of Application hell. Recently I decided that I should rewrite this little application. There were many things […]