Thanks, Plugin Developers…

It wasn’t that well planned, but someone over at WordPress decided that Jan 28th should be ‘Thank a Plugin Developer Day’ – So here it is, 5 days late.

So, I’m gonna thank the plugin developers of the Akismet anti-spam plugin: Matt Mullenweg – the Google Analytics plugin: Joost de Valk and the WP-Contact Plugin: Douglas Karr.

Thanks guys, your plugins make my WordPress happy.  And I’m well aware that my WordPress install, as simple as it is, is one of [insert a large number here] so I hope you get kudo’s from all around.

I’d also like to thank myself for writing the poorly crafted, never properly named, and never actually released “theme switch based on hostname” plugin.  Maybe I’ll release that…

Randomness Ubuntu

Insane Ubuntu Packages

I was fooling around and I decided to search for a clue…

dclarke@ubuntu-image:~$ apt-cache search clue
bughelper - bugsquad's utility for Launchpad
cl-clue - Lisp package for clue/clio/pictures: X interfaces for lisp
clisp - GNU CLISP, a Common Lisp implementation
clue - Package to ease upgrading, delete me
gfpoken - Recreate a grid of mirrors from clues given by tests
hybrid-dev - development files for ircd-hybrid
spamassassin-rules-ja - Japanese filter rules for spamassassin

Yep, there it is…


Useless: 10 body parts with 3 letter names

eye, ear, lip, hip, toe, rib, jaw, arm, leg, gum

And now for slang, because it’s so much more fun…

tit, ass, bag, vag, nip, cap, rod, rim…


Installing Leopard on HFS+, Journalled, Case Sensitive

I’m a big geek, and I love case sensitive file systems. It means a file LikeThis.txt is not the same as a file likethis.txt and that really helps with consistency in a developers world.

Oops! What a horrible Idea. Well, not really – There’s only one thing wrong.

As it turns out 3rd party applications still live in the stone ages. Adobe CS3 will refuse to install. There are a few other apps that apparently go sour as well (popcap games). Of course because Adobe CS3 is a sack of shit – and you cannot install it to another volume (wtf is with that?) – I may just not bother installing it at all. At least the games will still run from their respective DMG files.

My only other real option is to format again and do a full restore of what I’ve got installed right now using Time Machine…

All I can say is lame lame lame. Get with it Adobe (and you few others, PopCap games for example)



Lots of my content is making its way in.. not like it’s really good content, but whatever. 😉

A lot of links on my content pages may be broken, feel free to comment if you see something that is in such a state. I’m sweeping up as fast as I can. Go team.

I’ve found a theme that I kinda like.. although I’ll probably have to fix up a few things that bug me.. but hey, they’re never perfect… right?


A random first post.

Look, a first post!

I’m migrating my content and stuff from CMS Made Simple over to WordPress. I guess that’s all I have to report.