Zend Framework 1.7.5 Released

Zend Framework 1.7.5 was released just a short while ago.  While there’s not much with regards to features, there’s an interesting update to the view renderer and local file injection attacks. I’m guilty of using this style of inclusion in some cases.  Sometimes it’s just easier. I guess it’s time to re-think how I do […]

Using Zend Framework to update Twitter

I was reading a post over on Mashable about the most popular twitter clients and I found it somewhat fascinating.  As of the somewhat recent Zend Framework 1.7 release, there was a new service added. Zend_Service_Twitter  – which gave me a few ideas on what to do with my own twitter account and actually feed […]

Why is XML Such a Pain in JavaScript?

Why is it that when one tries to parse some fairly simple xml: <placemarks> <placemark> <name>Placemark 1</name> <latitude>-79.00</latitude> <longiude>42.00</longitude> </placemark> <placemark> <name>Placemark 2</name> <latitude>-129.00</latitude> <longiude>43.00</longitude> </placemark> </placemarks> For example, iterating through all the placemarks and extracting the names, lats and longs using javascript is a very tedious affair. In fact, I’ve found it almost pointless […]

Zend Framework, FireBug, FirePHP and Debuggin’

I finally got around to implementing some debugging my applications. By debugging, I mean something more useful than random ‘echo’ and ‘exit’ statements littering my code. I found a nice post by Christoph Dorn with a few nice pointers on how to integrate FireBug and FirePHP using Zend_Log and Zend_Log_Writer_Firebug. My only addition was the […]

Using __call() in your controller to render magic content.

I was writing a basic CMS-type system and I was getting a bit annoyed with long urls, ie: /index/content/page/something, when I really just wanted /content/something – so I thought to myself, “self, why don’t you use __call() and just magically handle the incoming actions? Well, self, that was a brilliant idea. function __call($method, $params) { […]