Stuff about Subversion

Short notes about Subversion (SVN)

This is always in progress, it is merely my notepad

Create a repo:
svnadmin create –fs-type fsfs /var/lib/svn/[repo-name]

Import a default structure:
svn import . file:///var/lib/svn/[repo-name]/ –message ‘Initial Repostiory Layout’

In this case the current directory is a basic layout that I use. It includes a docs, trunk, branches, and tags folder.

I find it easier to checkout the empty structure and then ‘add’ files, rather than try use the import command on an existing structure.
mkdir ~/svn-work/[repo-name]
cd ~/svn-work/[repo-name]
svn checkout file:///var/lib/svn/[repo-name]/trunk/ .
then copy all the existing code to this new folder (~/svn-work/[repo-name]) and
svn add *
svn commit .
Enter a comment in the editor, something like “initial code checkin” and now your trunk contains your code.

I found this script for nautilus to help me use svn within my gui.


Typically, I’ve been using Eclipse and Subclipse (a plugin) to manage my repos. I still create and do basic management from the command line svn client, but that’s about it.

Mac OS X

Since I’ve switched to Mac OS X for my main work unit (laptop) I’ve found that most clients for Mac OS X suck. SvnX is ok, but Finder seriously needs a TortoiseSVN-like client. For the most part, eclipse and command line are fine but you know, every now and then you just feel lazy. Someone, please write one. 🙂