Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-07-15

  • Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-07-08 #blog #
  • Oh yeah… that queen and Spadina half month cluster duck started. And then this on king St. #
  • @nivshah quack. in reply to nivshah #
  • @nivshah I did. in reply to nivshah #
  • @misslau You working at a haunted house?! in reply to misslau #
  • @cheryeung does spidy sparkle? It sounds like he should… :-\ in reply to cheryeung #
  • Cool… if I knew how to play… πŸ™‚ RT @elenithecamera: Street Pianos appear on the streets of Toronto: #
  • melty cheeze in my sammich came squirting out like magma from a volcano & burnt my hand. is that what it's like to give the devil a handjob? #
  • hey, @nivshah is awesome. albeit mostly crazy. #fact #
  • It's hot. I forgot my hat. Ah well. Go reds! (@ BMO Field for Vancouver Whitecaps vs. Toronto FC w/ 39 others) #
  • I'm pretty sure nickleback's presence across the way is sucking the soul out of TFC. #
  • I'm at Starbucks (Toronto, ON) #
  • Why do pre-authorized payments still rely on a 'VOID' cheques? That's so 90's. I got 50 cheques in 2006. I've got 3 left and 80% were 'VOID' #
  • These are definitely awesome. #ttc #
  • The good news about Yahoo! Voice being hax0red is that nobody knew Yahoo! Voice existed. #
  • New Tracks are being installed already. Like a toy train set only bigger with more kids assembling it. #ttc #
  • What? I could've bought digg instead of a condo? damn…. on second thought, I'd prefer a place to live over a stink-hole website. #
  • After day four I gave up telling people on queen street that there's no streetcar service. At least that lady over there hasn't given up yet #
  • Wow, the five day forecast looks like a whole lot of sweaty ass. #gross #dlws #
  • #magictest #
  • Looking forward to #tiff2012 wooo! #
  • It's Friday at July 13, 2012 at 04:00PM … it must be Beer o'Clock! #
  • "Play me I'm yours." – They stole my pickup line. @ CIBC – Commerce Court North #
  • Those three girls just rocked the anthems. Amazing voices … Go jays go! #
  • This ridiculously blue, and poorly performing AXE deodorant turned my armpits blue… I don't think that's by design. #
  • If Starbucks' regular brew was as good as Second Cup's, I would actually exercise my free refill option at Starbucks. #
  • Really glad the 2 million dollar garden has sprinklers that work. I'd hate for the overpriced sod to survive. #

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-07-08


Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-07-01

  • Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-06-24 #blog #
  • @shylahecktus thanks! it's been nice and quiet. πŸ˜‰ in reply to shylahecktus #
  • I'm pretty sure it's the part where I go furniture shopping for my new condo that kills me. #
  • Tim Horton's breakfast sammiches are far better than Starbucks breakfast sammiches… There, I said it. #
  • @ahsile then I'm all set! in reply to ahsile #
  • @WonderlandNews thunder run, dragon fire, and wildbeast but didn't ghoster coaster open with the park too? might be small but it counts. πŸ™‚ in reply to WonderlandNews #
  • The worst part of eating alone is having to buy an entire can of pasta sauce for one tablespoon. #
  • How's my driving? #
  • @jpuopolo And what'd you tell them? in reply to jpuopolo #
  • Today I learned the dots on i and j are called 'tittles'… yes I'm giggling. #jeopardy #
  • I looked down and I realized my glass was empty. But then I realized it's not empty. It's just been filled with air. #
  • Hey, uh, @foursquare what's up with this – I'm so awesome I get the top two spots? #
  • Is it me, or has Google I/O turned into a nerd version of Oprah? "And everybody gets FREE STUFF!!!!" #io12 (yes, I'm slightly jealous.) #
  • I wonder when they are going to plant the other half of the garden. Also, nice uh, fountain? #
  • Oh, hey 4am. How are you? I haven't seen you in a while. #
  • The downside of 4am. Too early for TTC (subway), Too early for Tim Horton's Breakfast sammiches. #
  • Whomever designed the McDonald's coffee cup lid is taking the piss out of coffee drinkers. #
  • Apparently when Italy is playing football, everyone must wear Versace. Seriously. Herp derp. #
  • The guy working at Tim Horton's totally sounded like Richard (the goth guy) from The IT Crowd. It was awesome and kind of creepy. #
  • I love jQuery's decision to drop IE 6//7/8 (but still have a parallel compatible library) – the comments are hilarious. #
  • Poorly planned signage. #
  • Dear Canadian #Euro2012 fans: Don't forget to cheer like this when Team Canada makes the World Cup. They're doing well. #WorldCup2014 #
  • Dear Toronto: It's another hot weekend. Try your hardest to not lock your pets and children in cars, else i'ma have ta come punch you. #derp #
  • Google Now… not later. #
  • Nexus Q's failpoint: No standalone support. Why can't i just stream my Google Music and movies to it without my phone? #
  • I just ousted @jameswbreen as the mayor of The Fashion Building on @foursquare! #
  • Holy steamed asparagus batman, it's damn hot outside. #dlws #
  • Two more months! #
  • Someone autographed this fiver. Was it you? Please retweet so we can find the origin. #
  • Ubuntu has a username `whoopsie`… for error reports, you know? That's awesome. #
  • Breaking in the new hood… sorta. (@ Watermark Irish Pub & Restaurant) #
  • Beers by the lake. Yep. I can adjust to this. #
  • @pgonzo soon! in reply to pgonzo #
  • What do you call 2 guys, 2 laptops, 2 iPads, 2 Android phones and 2 pints? #
  • @craftynerdmoni if only we swung that way. πŸ™‚ in reply to craftynerdmoni #
  • Random fireworks from the island… that's a win. #
  • @steglasi are you calling me fireworks? @katyperry would be proud! Happy pride week! in reply to steglasi #
  • Hey, I out drank the cruise boat. #
  • I'm at Watermark Irish Pub & Restaurant (Toronto, ON) #
  • A HORSE! A HORSE! A KINGDOM FOR MY HORSE. or something similar. #
  • Just like my beloved @bullandfirkin, there's a stroller at this pub at 11:30! Wool! #
  • @steglasi keep em warm whilst ye get drunketh! in reply to steglasi #
  • LOL! #
  • I'm at Pizza Pizza w/ @steglasi #
  • I'm at Tim Hortons (Toronto, ON) #
  • @pgonzo it's a long weekend! πŸ™‚ I checked compass cams but they're not working out there. in reply to pgonzo #
  • @laurenonizzle This is great news. First that article yesterday about never showering and now I can stop the plucking! I love the internet. in reply to laurenonizzle #
  • "The doors will close in an effort to save the AC" – go train guy. Thank you for being green and not cooling the outdoors. #gotransit #
  • @cheryeung doggy!! in reply to cheryeung #
  • It felt real. But it wasn't moving. Dead or fake? Not sure. #

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-06-24


Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-06-17

  • I walked through woofstock and I was like "aww, cute doggy." "whoa, big doggy!" and "Ewww! clean up your damn dog's shit!" #lazy #people #
  • I like long walks on the beach… really I do. #
  • For the record Pitcher Carlos Villanueva now has the best batting average on the @BlueJays. #fact #
  • Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-06-10 #blog #
  • Love the people who don't need it, but press the automatic door opener, then get annoyed by how slow it is and push/pull it open anyway. #
  • WTF Firefox? I'm not really sure what your issue is. Hey @ustreamTV – firefox thinks you're evil. #
  • iOS 6 == the new iPhone, and the new iPod Touch – coming in October… No iPhone 5. no iPod 6G. #rumourmill #
  • So if the new Macbook Pro has 2 Thunderbolt and 1 HDMI port, does that mean… 5 external monitors can be supported on the laptop? #
  • @iamrashidajones second rule, use as many puns as you can. in reply to iamrashidajones #
  • the downpour started
    I stood out in the open
    onlookers were shocked #haiku #
  • Renewed my iOS developer stuff for another year… maybe this year I'll actually release something?! #
  • Strange… I had to reconnect my twitter=>facebook connection… anybody else see tweets stop making it to facebook pages recently? #
  • So long Hockey. see you in October… IF there's a CBA… #
  • @laurenonizzle look out! there's a parking lot sneaking up behind you! in reply to laurenonizzle #
  • let's stick my finger in a light socket and jump-start this day… #
  • You're a wrecking ball in a summer dress. #
  • Some days are just a buzzkill. #
  • my week so far in a short summary: buy new shorts, put on new shorts, cook hot dogs, spill hot dog toppings on new shorts. #
  • On a brighter note, my building finally started participating in the green bin program. Only 10 years after it started. *slow clap* #toronto #
  • The quest for beer heads north! (@ Davisville Subway Station) [pic]: #
  • @steglasi suck it. in reply to steglasi #
  • Holy shit, the signs at Sheppard station are stupid and confusing when you're looking for a southbound bus after hours… #ttc #
  • Bus beats ride program. I'm a winner. Don't drink and drive kids. #
  • There's not enough bailey's in my coffee. #
  • @pgonzo does that mean we're breaking up? in reply to pgonzo #
  • I have to do what to AWS RDS to allow myself to add a mysql function? wtf. #
  • @elenithecamera your complaints about TTC typography reminded me of this: (it's very long…) in reply to elenithecamera #
  • Rusty chained lantern. #
  • 12 hour sleep on a Wednesday night. Check! Today might be bearable. πŸ˜‰ #
  • Dear Toronto, do yourself a favour and avoid queen street west until Tuesday. #mmva #
  • @elenithecamera just one of many ttc problems. πŸ™‚ in reply to elenithecamera #
  • ow, somehow I cracked my thumbnail. #typinginjury #
  • Twitter: outing your inner monologue since 2006. #realTaglines #
  • @steglasi but then the IE zealots would do a non-IE tax and make more money… they'd win. πŸ™ in reply to steglasi #
  • TTC: Ride the slow moving, mostly delayed, bicycle built for two. #realTaglines #ttc #
  • 1 billion dollars seems to be the going price for web app/sites these days, so with that I'll take 1 billion dollars for @triviosity#
  • I love the BBC commentators complaining about how media gets put through tougher security than the fans who smuggle in flares. #euro2012 #
  • "fans behind the goal are trying to suck the ball in." – BBC commentary guys. #euro2012 #awesome #
  • Building Mngmt put up a note today dated June 4th about the green bin that I got on the 11th. I don't know how they can be so bad at this. #
  • All the people who rushed to help a lady that tipped her motorized wheelchair down a few steps, you reminded me how good #toronto is. #
  • I scored 7657 pts playing the Triviosity challenge for A Bunch of Charlies! Can you beat me? #triviosity #trivia #
  • @heatherpayne keep a list and see which ones "accidentally" resubscribe you… in reply to heatherpayne #
  • My picks suck. #pick6 50-cent friday. #
  • Yay? #
  • You can't use your Playbook until we get 20% power! #fail #
  • Forced upgrade for the win? #playbook #lols #
  • Failed update! Shocked! #playbook #fail #sarcasm #
  • England is surprisingly sportsmanlike… so far… in this game. #euro2012 #
  • Good work England. #Euro2012 #
  • I'm totally going to buy a @KatyPerry album from iTunes when I get home from being drunk if she replies to this. #
  • @steglasi @katyperry so did I. But Katy is special. And I don't mean short bus special. in reply to steglasi #
  • Last night after some bar hopping, I came home at 3am. For some reason I turned on all the lights in my apartment and went to bed. Weird. #
  • It's too bad the Playbook's bluetooth "tethering" doesn't actually support standard bluetooth networking. #
  • Ah, FIFA. I love the last day(s) of round robin play where all the games happen at the same time so that one team can't 'throw' their match. #
  • Random call from Ghana: "is this canada?" … "uh, yes, yes this is Canada. how may I help you?" #hilarious #
  • That "hello, world" took way too long. #
  • Saturday night excitement! (@ Sobey's) #
  • I'm so awesome, I scored 8988 pts playing the Triviosity challenge for June 16th! Can you beat me? #triviosity #trivia #
  • Off to Canada's Wonderland… Hopefully the threat of rain keeps the kids away. πŸ™‚ #
  • I'm at Tim Hortons (Toronto, ON) #
  • I'm at Yorkdale GO Bus Terminal (North York, ON) #
  • I wonder when the twenty bux i put on my presto card last weekend is going to show up… got on the bus "not enough funds" #fail #
  • I'm at Canada's Wonderland (Vaughan, ON) w/ 8 others #
  • Saw someone lose a camera while on Leviathan. Greatest display of physics so far this year. #

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-06-10