Adding an Auto Increment Column After The Fact…

Yep, I pulled a ‘whoops’ today. I made a table, filled it with data, then realized I forgot my standard ‘id’.  My primary key, auto incrementing column that makes me feel good about myself. Once I noticed it was gone, it was easy to add it back. Right? Right? Well, not so fast.  You can […]

Using Environment Variables So You Can Commit Your .project File

Quick Update: this apparently only works with Zend Studio for Eclipse. Sorry for any confusion if you’re trying to figure out where the f$#@ those dialogs are. All of my projects reside in an SVN repository and now they’re starting to get accessed by multiple users.  Typically with eclipse, I would just have a project […]

Zend Framework 1.6, and more.

Zend released version 1.6 of their framework just a short while ago and I’ve been reviewing a lot of the changes.  As it turns out this framework is becoming quite large and diverse in what it can do.  Some of the newer features that interest me: Saving sessions to a database table. Dojo integration Captcha […]