Secure your Facebook Account with Two Easy Steps

Step 1. Enable Two Factor Authentication via an anonymous Security App. Enabling two factor authentication (2FA) is one of the best ways to secure your account. Facebook provides two methods. SMS via your phone – requires serviceApp based codes via your phone (or tablet) – this does not require an active data connection If you’re […]

Allowing the Facebook Debugger through nginx’s auth_basic

In my prior post, Allowing the Facebook Debugger through .htaccess, I showed how you could do just that. But, as time goes on, I spend more and more time with nginx and I need to adapt my rules. So, today, I decided I should do the exact same thing with nginx. All of the dev […]

Allowing the Facebook Debugger Through .htaccess

Here’s a short story; When I develop Facebook web apps, I do it under a password protected development site. Facebook hates this. It complains that it can’t reach urls, it can’t get meta data, it can’t do this, it can’t do that. The downside to not having a password is the fact that anybody can […]

I Dislike Like Gates So Much…

I dislike a “like gate” so much, I’ve conditioned myself to do battle against them. Here’s what I do: Like the page. Go to my profile, remove the announcement that “Darryl Likes [insert like-gate here]” Do what I need to on the page. Unlike the page. What is a “Like-Gate”? A like-gate is effectively a […]

Facebook Timeline isn’t “New” #f8

This timeline feature isn’t the first timeline that Facebook will have attempted to use. Once upon a time, at least 4 years ago, when you joined Facebook and added friends it always asked “How do you know this person?” and “When did you meet?” Those questions as well as many other little things within Facebook […]

Facebook, Twitter, Google+ And The Future…

There’s a few things that have been swirling around inside my cavernous mind since the initial launch of Google+ which all relates to the future of social networks. I’ve already noticed a fracture forming in the camps of Facebook, Twitter and Google+ users.  I’ve already seen the behaviour of cross posting to each and even […]