Socially Inept

Facebook, Twitter, Google+ And The Future…

There’s a few things that have been swirling around inside my cavernous mind since the initial launch of Google+ which all relates to the future of social networks.

I’ve already noticed a fracture forming in the camps of Facebook, Twitter and Google+ users.  I’ve already seen the behaviour of cross posting to each and even selective posting on one or the other. In fact, I’m guilty (if it’s a crime) of doing such a thing.  And it’s happening purely based on how people behave on each network.

About a month ago I disconnected my Twitter account from auto-posting to my Facebook account.  Why? It’s simple, I got sick of the way Facebook treated my own and everybody else’s Twitter posts.  I got sick of seeing “XX More posts from Twitter.” — A link that nobody ever clicks.  All of my friends who use Twitter to post to Facebook would get bunched into one clump. And in most cases, unless you were the one single tweet (last one in) to be on top, you were likely to just get lost in the ether.   Ever since I disabled the connection and started updating my status directly on Facebook I’ve seen a much greater response to the inane things I say.

Facebook hates Twitter, that’s why they did this.  It wasn’t always this way. Once upon a time Twitter updated your status directly and as such it never got grouped.  Which brings me to my next point.


I Finally Upgraded to Debian 5

On my production web server, I’m kind of a crazy fool.  I often do things that make people cringe and scream and say “what the hell are you doing?”

One of those said things is doing a distribution upgrade on-the-fly of the OS.  Since the installation of my server some three and a half years ago, Debian has had two major releases.  My server started with sarge, upgraded to etch, then upgraded again to lenny.  Unfortunately this time after 1210 days without rebooting my server I was forced to reboot. That is to say, since I installed my server where it lives it had never been rebooted.

The reboot occurred because the new libc required kernel 2.6. I was still cooking with an old 2.4 kernel.  After a pile of apt-get trickery, I got the necessary packages installed and had to reboot.  Once the 2.6 kernel was up and running everything else installed without a hitch.  I had to track down a few configuration changes with a couple of things, but overall I think the upgrade went smooth and with only a few minutes of downtime.  Not bad, I say, not bad.