Google Latitude History

Google latitude now gives you the option of enabling ‘history’ – you can enable it here.

It’s kind of neat, and I can see it being somewhat fun to use if you go on long trips.  I gave it a little test run while I was on the train back to Toronto the other day – and although I was only using my iPod Touch with WiFi tracking, it was pretty decent as far as being able to keep me pin-pointed as to where I was.

And yes, you get the option to delete parts – or all of your history.  (the lack of tracking between brantford and burlington is due to the lack of wifi in the open country side).

Linux Ubuntu

Ubuntu 9.04 on a Dell Latitude D610, Success.

I had the joy of recovering data from a busted-ass Windows XP installation.  You know, the one where it blue screens no matter what boot process you try with an error about “kernl32.dll” being screwed? Yeah, one of those.  So, I fired up an Ubuntu live CD to test the hardware and figure out if anything was actually wrong with the laptop – and much to my surprise – everything just worked.

I’ve watched Ubuntu grow over the years and I’ve used it on many machines.  The trickiest has always been cheap laptops.

The specs on this machine are fairly simplistic:

  • Intel Pentium M 1.6Ghz
  • 1255MB of ram (strange, eh?)
  • 40 GB hard disk
  • cheap-o-dell-branded cd-rw/dvd-rom (modular, though)
  • broadcom gigabit ethernet
  • intel wireless
  • bluetooth (dell branded, onboard usb device)
  • standard ac’97 modem, ac’97 audio
  • and a bunch of other fluff.

I’m just really impressed that everything works.  I didn’t have to find any windows drivers, or do anything goofy to get things rolling.  All the function keys (standby, hybernate, wireless, battery status…) work as expected.

Kudos to Ubuntu.