It’s alive: Moments Like Today

It’s finally alive! You can read Magaret’s announcement here. What it is: ‘Moments Like Today’ is a collaborative project that aims to inspire people to post “moments” of their lives in three sections: mornings, afternoons, and evenings. What I did: While the concept and design came from Margaret and Myra, the functionality and everything back-end […]

Summer Project: Updates (Aka WTF Am I Doing?)

My ‘summer project’ has now been demoted to just a ‘random project.’  Although I still intend on finishing it at some point, it’s clearly become far too delayed to call it a summer project anymore. I got overly distracted throughout the summer by family, fun, non-fun, and other projects.  Projects that I’ll explain a bit […]

More Projects. More Fun. More Better Butter.

You’ll find a better description about Moments Like Today over on Margaret’s blog.  But, it’s another one of my summer time projects. If you feel you’re interested, join the facebook group and/or the vimeo group and prepare to have some fun. In order to attack this project, I’ll be using PHP, Zend Framework, and a […]