It’s alive: Moments Like Today

It’s finally alive!

You can read Magaret’s announcement here.

What it is:

‘Moments Like Today’ is a collaborative project that aims to inspire people to post “moments” of their lives in three sections: mornings, afternoons, and evenings.

What I did:

While the concept and design came from Margaret and Myra, the functionality and everything back-end came from me.  With some zend framework, some man-handling of APIs from Flickr and Vimeo and a little bit of jQuery fun, the end result (for now)  is live.

If you’d like to participate in the project you can visit the Moments Like Today and read the how-to for more information.

Coding Randomness

Summer Project: Updates (Aka WTF Am I Doing?)

My ‘summer project‘ has now been demoted to just a ‘random project.’  Although I still intend on finishing it at some point, it’s clearly become far too delayed to call it a summer project anymore. I got overly distracted throughout the summer by family, fun, non-fun, and other projects.  Projects that I’ll explain a bit here…


More Projects. More Fun. More Better Butter.

You’ll find a better description about Moments Like Today over on Margaret’s blog.  But, it’s another one of my summer time projects. If you feel you’re interested, join the facebook group and/or the vimeo group and prepare to have some fun.

In order to attack this project, I’ll be using PHP, Zend Framework, and a touch of magic to use Vimeo’s API.   For the photo portion of the site, I’ll likely avoid using PHP’s internal graphic tools (for quality purposes) and pull out some trickery with ImageMagick.