Queueing With Zend Queue and MemcacheQ

I was bored last night so I thought I’d enhance one of my applications with a little bit of Queueing. (And for the record both Queueing and Queuing are valid spellings depending on your locale) The concept is fairly straight forward. Normally when a web application runs, it runs in a linear pattern. It starts, […]

A Pinch of Performance (Apache Tuning)

If you’re using rewrite rules and other special configuration directives on your website, like any Zend Framework site does, you might want to consider the following: Avoiding .htaccess and ‘AllowOverride [not none]’ on large websites. You see, when a person comes along to your site http://myawesomesite.com/some/random/page/in/the/depths/of/hell Apache, if told to AllowOverride will start looking for […]