Summer Project: Initial Setup and more Details

I’m still chugging along with the common elements on the project. So, for the basics of what I have decided to do: Yep, it’s an image gallery.  It’s not too exciting and definitely nothing original.  There’ll be a basic authentication system (login/logout) with web based uploading and tagging.  That’s pretty much it.  The images that […]

Summer Project: Setup PostgreSQL

Using my shiny new upgraded Ubuntu 9.04, I’ve gotten around to installing PostgreSQL. Note: this is not a tutorial. The installation was simple, as are most installations with Ubuntu. The initial “get going” was a bit odd for PostgreSQL though. The one thing you have to remember when initially trying to get things going is […]

Things To Do This Summer

Here’s an ambitous list: Learn some Python w/Django Get myself Railed a bit Figure out PostgreSQL Write an iPhone/iPod Touch App Write an Android App Finish the Zend Framework version of Make not suck Do a top-secret startup. Do another top-secret startup. See if I can get this Gravis MouseStickII working.