Summer Project: Status Update

I’ve managed to get my little test server all configured for each path.  This little task involved configuring mod_ruby, mod_perl, mod_python on top of my already standard php. I also had to fire up mod_proxy to mask the jsp directory (which is really going to an apache tomcat server – another box on my network).

You can view the progress as I start building.  Progress is still fairly slow at this moment. But now that all the frameworks are in place and my apache ninja skills have been revived I should be able to kick it up a notch.

I’ve also made a slight change in how I’ll be storing the images in the database.  I’m going to just be doing a plain old base64 encode of the binary data.  I’d much rather just store binary data in the database as a central repository for all paths, but there appears to be some issues with this and the fact that the entire django community hates binary data in a database.  So I’m not going to fight it or waste any more time on it.


Feeling Up Django: First Impressions From a PHP Guy

As I whipped through the tutorial on getting started with Django I made some mental notes on things I thought were interesting and things I thought weren’t so interesting. I have a feeling I’ll be saying similar things about Ruby on Rails…


Summer Project: Initial Setup and more Details

I’m still chugging along with the common elements on the project.

So, for the basics of what I have decided to do: Yep, it’s an image gallery.  It’s not too exciting and definitely nothing original.  There’ll be a basic authentication system (login/logout) with web based uploading and tagging.  That’s pretty much it.  The images that get uploaded will be stored in the database itself as a nice central location for all my different variants to get the data from.

As far as the initial setup goes, I’ve managed to get PostgreSQL installed, running, and I’ve even created the necessary tables for all that I need.  Yeah, that part was pretty simple.  But I can’t say it happened without learning something.  I’ve noticed that something I took for granted with MySQL wasn’t available right away for my installation of PostgreSQL.


Summer Project Details

As part of my previous post, “things to do this summer,” I’ve decided on a not so clever appraoch to proving to myself that “it’s just a language.”

What do I mean by, “it’s just a language?”  Well, let me tell you. On a regular basis I get asked “do you now [language]?” And my answer is usually something along the lines of “Well, I know of it, I’ve touched it a bit, but never done anything real with it.”  But, since I’m a programmer I usually follow it with “It’s just a language.”  So now I’m going to prove to myself that it is in fact “just a language.”


Things To Do This Summer

Here’s an ambitous list:

  1. Learn some Python w/Django
  2. Get myself Railed a bit
  3. Figure out PostgreSQL
  4. Write an iPhone/iPod Touch App
  5. Write an Android App
  6. Finish the Zend Framework version of
  7. Make not suck
  8. Do a top-secret startup.
  9. Do another top-secret startup.
  10. See if I can get this Gravis MouseStickII working.