Visualizing Data Is Fun… Confusing… and Possibly Useless.

I created this little image (ok, it’s large) based on the players of Triviosity.  Each line represents a user, while each column represents a game played.  It’s kinda neat to see that the early joiners play a lot.  It’s also kind of neat to see that about every so often a user sticks around.  It’s also interesting to see that users who came in via advertising hardly played (it’s unmarked, but i know where it is). It’s also interesting to see the organic traffic after the advertising is people who actually were looking for it. But all in all, it’s fairly useless. 🙂

Fun times! Here’s the image, it’s huge.

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Happy 10-10-10 and More.

Happy 10/10/10 which is kind of cool, but mostly annoying by itself.

Seeing as 101010 is binary for 42, Happy ultimate answer to the ultimate question day.

Also, Happy Canadian Thanksgiving.

Also, Happy Ubuntu Day.  They released Ubuntu 10.10 18 days early so it could fall on 10.10.10.  So if you’re an Ubuntu fan and you’re expecting a release on Oct 28th like it normally would’ve been scheduled, you can go download Ubuntu 10.10 now.