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I Dislike Like Gates So Much…

I dislike a “like gate” so much, I’ve conditioned myself to do battle against them. Here’s what I do:

  • Like the page.
  • Go to my profile, remove the announcement that “Darryl Likes [insert like-gate here]”
  • Do what I need to on the page.
  • Unlike the page.

What is a “Like-Gate”?

A like-gate is effectively a gate on Facebook pages that force you to “like” them before you can see the page contents.  Fortunately a like-gate is stuck to only a tab on a page, so you can typically view the wall, photos, and other media without having to like the page.  And, in recent changes, you can now write on the wall and interact with other posts without having to like the page at all, ever.

Like-gates are typically stuck in front of “premium” (aka mostly useless) extra content and contests.

Why I Dislike Them?

It’s pretty simple.  When you use a like-gate, you certainly benefit from the influx of people who are forced to like you.  But it’s just that, they’re forced.  You have absolutely no metric as to how many people genuinely like your product/page.  You only have an inflated number of people that “don’t give a shit” and really, that can’t be good.

I for one would rather have 100 fans that really like me than 10,000 that don’t give a shit.  But hey, I’m crazy.

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Facebook Timeline isn’t “New” #f8

This timeline feature isn’t the first timeline that Facebook will have attempted to use. Once upon a time, at least 4 years ago, when you joined Facebook and added friends it always asked “How do you know this person?” and “When did you meet?”

Those questions as well as many other little things within Facebook lead to a social timeline that was tucked away in it’s depths. It filled gaps in time in with witty things like “Darryl was underground this year.” and “Darryl wasn’t very active.”

Now they’ve just got more data to make the timeline more interesting. I suspect that this old data will resurface in some way. I’ll be interested in seeing how else they fill in holes this time. It will be interesting to see the mass reaction to it. It will be interesting to see how much I can control.

It will also be interesting to see how many times my statuses show up as “looking for a hottie.”

Linux Randomness Security

You Want Us To Be Secure…

But you make it so complicated.

From a technical standpoint, I understand how simple it is to create certificates for SSL/TLS and put them into configs and use ’em.

From a user standpoint, I can not understand the who/what/when/where/why as to the whole security industry and being so damn complicated.

So many SSL providers out there off you packages from FREE to thousands of dollars and for what? It’s just encryption. It’s just a browser asking “Hey, is this certificate valid still?”

So many providers also make it hard to just register. You’ve gotta jump through hoops and do crazy things like create a CSR and upload it when they could just have a simple, secure (irony) web form to let you generate one on the spot. Sending documents back and forth to “verify” your identity.

Seriously, I just want some encryption.

I also like the “we need to verify you’re the owner” processes… so many loopholes.

There’s a huge opening in this industry for someone who wants to make this whole process simple and easy (and cheaper). Just sayin’.

Socially Inept

Social Plugins and the 80/20.

I apologize for this off-topic rant, but it’s been sitting on my mind for a little while…

The best part of using all these social plugins on a site as small as mine is how pathetic it makes the site look.  I try not to pollute everything with ‘like this’, ‘share that’, ‘spam your friends!’ and because of my simplistic approach, I never really benefit from any of these things.

But then again, I hardly see any interaction from my own friends with these little plugins on any site, not just mine.  So I’m pretty sure 80 percent don’t know what they do.  Then again, it’s probably more like 90/10.  80/20 is such a stupid generalization.  90 percent don’t know.  of the 10 percent that do, 90 percent don’t care, leaving the one percent that’ll actually use it.  Go team.

It seems to me as though all the things that “get popular” with these social plugins are ones that do something stupid (like an ascii smiley face, or “like this page to see these pictures!”) and basically, they force users to send it viral, even though it’s of no use to anybody and it’s not even good.  90% of the people have to be forced.  10% know better.

I’m going to force myself to change my approach a bit and see if these pressure tactics work for the better.  I mean, I hate treating people like sheep, but if you’re going to act like sheep and only go where you’re herded to, what else is a guy supposed to do?

Here comes the dirty stuff!

Oh, and don’t forget to show some love by hitting the ol’ [recommend] button! It’s over there —->


Facebook Changed – Now I Look Bad

This morning I was checking the status of a couple of my Facebook apps when I noticed something strange.

My beloved Hangman! is asking me for my email address.  But.. but.. I never told it to.  Why is it asking me?  I didn’t set the flags that I’m supposed to set. I double checked – the ‘domain’ field is still empty.

I didn’t add any magic to prompt the user. I did nothing, and now I look like an asshole for asking people for email addresses when I explicitly declared this to be bad news.

I hope it’s just a bug and all apps don’t start doing this randomly.


Don’t Allow Facebook Apps to Get Your Email

Just say no to these prompts. There’s no need a Facebook application has any need to email you directly bypassing the “safe” realm of what Facebook already offers.

Applications that need to contact you can already do so via your in box, application counters, and emailing you via Facebook’s email proxy. (A proxy which protects you from the malicious behaviour I’m about to describe…)  There is just absolutely no reason that Mindjolt (no offense guys, you were the first that I saw this using and the rant below is not directed at you) needs to email me anything, ever…