Secure your Facebook Account with Two Easy Steps

Step 1. Enable Two Factor Authentication via an anonymous Security App. Enabling two factor authentication (2FA) is one of the best ways to secure your account. Facebook provides two methods. SMS via your phone – requires serviceApp based codes via your phone (or tablet) – this does not require an active data connection If you’re […]

You Want Us To Be Secure…

But you make it so complicated. From a technical standpoint, I understand how simple it is to create certificates for SSL/TLS and put them into configs and use ’em. From a user standpoint, I can not understand the who/what/when/where/why as to the whole security industry and being so damn complicated. So many SSL providers out […]

Don’t Allow Facebook Apps to Get Your Email

Just say no to these prompts. There’s no need a Facebook application has any need to email you directly bypassing the “safe” realm of what Facebook already offers. Applications that need to contact you can already do so via your in box, application counters, and emailing you via Facebook’s email proxy. (A proxy which protects […]

Google’s Security Updates…

Google seems to be rolling out an interesting pack of security updates for their sites.  The only official announcement I’ve seen is for Gmail, but I’d expect this to come for many other services. Currently a lot of Google services work fine with https (docs, calendar, but none seem to offer the same default […]

Don’t Trust Facebook’s Photo Privacy At All

You constantly hear about things happening to people because of things on facebook.  Mostly pictures and how certain people who probably shouldn’t be able to see them somehow managed to see them. And it goes sort of like this.  I have a photo album called ‘Pets’ and this album on Facebook.  This album has the […]

GeoLocation Technology is Frightening Me.

Firefox 3.5 added support for “My Location”; Google Maps added a feature “Show My Location.” One random day I thought I’d try it out and see how well it does. I’m only using a laptop with no real GPS technology built in.  I have a phone, but it doesn’t support anything fancy. It’s just a […]